Mobile Local Fusion Review

It’s no secret about the huge opportunity that exists with helping local businesses get online.  It’s one of my main business models I deal with and I try and stay on top of the latest products, tools and training that help others in this area.   It’s no longer enough to have a website and some traffic.  People are searching for local businesses on multiple properties, they’re engaging and reviewing these businesses in several areas.  One area in particular that is very new to the mix is the fusion of mobile to the local search, you probably do it every day and don’t think too much about it, lets explain this in more detail.

Google Maps

I’ve written up about Google Places/Maps before.  This is a huge market right now and Google is paying very close attention and putting a lot of resources into this particular area.  There has been a big shift in the way Google Places listings are displayed on the Google search results, but more importantly there is a massive social shift in the way people are finding local businesses.   The amount of people who using their mobile device and specifically Google maps to find a local business is rising at an alarming rate.  Local businesses are struggling without it and the ones who are in the ‘know’ are reaping the rewards.   Eric Schmidt the President of Google has this to say about the mobile landscape:

There are currently about 3.2 billion mobile subscribers in the world, and that number is expected to grow by at least a billion in the next few years. Today, mobile phones are more prevalent than cars (about 800 million registered vehicles in the world) and credit cards (only 1.4 billion of those). While it took 100 years for land-line phones to spread to more than 80% of the countries in the world, their wireless descendants did it in 16. …and fewer teens are wearing watches now because they use their phones to tell time instead. So it’s safe to say that the mobile phone may be the most prolific consumer product ever invented. – Eric Schmidt.

The iPhone, Blackberry, Android all allow easy searching on the spot to find local businesses through Google Maps (displaying Google Places listings).  Experts predict 80-90% of people will be DEPENDENT on mobile maps in the next 24 months.

QR Codes

mobile local fusionHave you ever heard of a QR code (pictures on the right)?  Have you ever seen a QR code?  If you haven’t you will start seeing them in more and more places.  You’ll seem them on traditional advertising media (sides of buses, ads in bars, restaurants, business cards, boarding passes, flyers, brochures, etc.).  Soon almost every business and person will have one or more of these codes.

Go ahead and scan that code with your phone (iPhone, plenty of QR code readers) it will automatically take you to a URL I chose.

Places Listings

Google has created roughly 49 million+ Places listings for local businesses.  Almost 9 out of 10 of these go unclaimed.  Meaning they are not optimized nor have any information filled in besides the address (which could be incorrect) and the business name.  The Places listing allows you to go far beyond that information, providing detailed hours of operation, pictures, videos, services offered, coupons, reviews, citations, and much more.

Just like a regular Google search result these get ranked in Google when people do local searches (searches that include a locality identifier like “toronto” or someone uses the mobile maps application on Android, iPhone or Blackberrys).

This does not require high prices to develop new websites or redesign existing websites.  These are hosted by Google so these local businesses don’t even need an existing website, nor one in the future!   They can get on the front page of Google with an optimized Google Places listing during the most important searches, the local ones!

mobile local fusion bonus

Mobile Local Fusion

Mobile Local Fusion is a complete training program to walk  you through and train you to become a ‘smart-agent’.  In 30 days or less you can become the smart agent that gets paid $500-$2500 upfront to educate and implement these mobile technologies.

This isn’t your typical “local” marketing, without mobile there is no local.  When you fuse the two together, magic happens for your local clients.  Suddenly they are head and shoulders above their competitors.   Imagine being able to say “I work to connect local businesses and Google together” cool huh?

MLF Review

Now enough about what it does, lets get to the details about what you’re going to get.  I’ve gone through the content and want to share exactly what you’re going to get with this program and whether I think it’s a valuable and worthwhile investment.  There are 9 modules plus a bonus module.  They have really covered everything in order for someone to get started from scratch, and provides all the resources you’ll need.

Laura and Ryan have put together a great package, showing examples of the work they have done in various modules, this isn’t just fluff and theory, this is factual stuff they have done and you can too!  Go watch the video sales letter at the 15:30 mark, it goes into great detail about each module and the topics covered.

MLF Downloads

I haven’t even mentioned yet the huge list of resources available to download for each individual module, with some nuggets such as:

  • How to setup a client
  • The client questionaire
  • How to get reviews
  • Lists of providers for things like SMS, call tracking etc.
  • Daily report templates
  • Example hiring agreements
  • Sample job listings
  • + more!!


I’d love to say I have something negative to say about it, just to keep this more authentic but I don’t really know what to say.  ONE thing I will say is the outsourcing module is nothing ground breaking or new.  All that is discussed is the current popular websites for finding outsource workers to do task based work and using project management like Basecamp to keep track of them.  No quick easy ways to get around outsourcing.  As well,  some of the videos are a little on the low quality side (visually; for my standards), but that’s about all.

This will work anywhere, people are searching for local businesses all over the world, and using mobile phones to do it.   This product covers everything you could ask from end to end.  I know they’ve tossed in some weekly coaching calls from Laura (limited availability).  This product should easily be $997 when I see what they offer and what others charge for similar stuff.   It’s packaged nicely laid out clearly, explained in detail with downloads and real samples.

The module on Getting New Clients is probably one of THE best modules in the course.  It also tackles the biggest problem people face while doing offline consulting.  Some great strategies (several) for going about getting your FIRST client, and how to manage their expectations.  The conversational sale, what not to say and how to close without closing.

Mobile Local  Fusion Bonus

mobile local fusion local video method bonusAs a small incentive (not that you should need one by now).  I’m offering my Local Video Method as a bonus to anyone who purchases Mobile Local Fusion through this link here.

Local Video Method v2.0 is a full solution to the BIGGEST problem in in the offline consulting niche and that’s GETTING clients.  This is literally the easiest method on the planet to get new clients.  Combine this method with all the training from Mobile Local Fusion and you are unstoppable.  That’s a $297 real value (not some made up “here is $2000 made up number bonus) bonus free to you if you purchase Mobile Local Fusion through my link below.

Simply submit your receipt to my support desk and you will receive access.  LVM is a great compliment to Mobile Local Fusion, incorporating as many methods as possible to acquire new clients will guarantee your success.

Local Video Method is a marketing method incorporating powerful videos to help sell your services to local businesses.  They are bombarded with direct mail, cold calls, and such and this new method is welcoming, to them and creates a great relationship before you even speak with them. Learn how to get clients who remember you even after 3 months go by, they give you referrals even if you haven’t worked with them, it’s unreal how powerful this method is and how well it will position you.

Don’t try and market your business the same way every other business on the planet does.  You’ll simply go ignored like all the rest, stand out from the crowd and have your marketing noticed!

Here is just a few things included in Local Video Method

  1. Where to find prospects
  2. What makes a good prospect
  3. Step-By-Step (Mac & Windows) instructions to create POWERFUL videos to send them.
  4. How to host your videos
  5. How to get past the gate keeper!
  6. Email templates, presentation templates, sample contracts
  7. + more

Direct order link

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You may recognize the theme used on the Mobile Local  Fusion website, it’s the extremely popular OptimizePress

Read my RepMogul Review, maybe reputation management is your calling.

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  1. Bryan Kelly says:


    This sounds great. I watched the video and it seems promising. However, I’m still trying to figure out the connection between Local and Mobile? What does this mean exactly? Can you expound a bit based on your experience going thru the modules?

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Bryan,

    They get quite into mobile, using click-to-call, SMS, mobile ads. The local and mobile fusion is the fact that thousands of people search for local businesses (within 5 miles of where they are) using their mobile device, not sitting at their computer using Google. So they go beyond just your Google places and talk about mobile marketing, using QR codes, having an SMS service, using things like AdMob. Being in the face of the mobile user while searching for local businesses. Mobile websites/landing pages. So it’s a combination of a good Google places listing along with all the mobile components to bring in lots of local traffic.

  3. Bryan Kelly says:

    Excellent. Thanks, will go sign-up now.

  4. rainer says:


    a few short Q:

    1) I am 110% new to online marketing and not
    savvy in any of web-based stuff at all
    Q: would you still recommend this for me?

    2) I am living in Germany can i use all the stuff
    that is offered in the course…like outsourcing?

    3) to be a little down to earth……
    do you know a lot off local biz. they can affort
    $1000 – $2500 even $10.000 up front and
    300 – 2500 maintenance fee a month?
    I don’t because some of them they do not
    even make the amount suggested, one be able to charge them?
    much more reasonable amounts are 200-500 upfront and a $100 – 150 maintainace
    at least if you talk about local plumbers and dry-cleaner, what your take on this?


  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Rainer,

    1) I would recommend it, the 9 modules plus bonus module (along with the coaching calls) walk you through getting new clients (starting from scratch). What to say to them when trying to sell your services, what to charge them (how much), where to get the work done (it’s all virtual, so location is irrelevant in this age). My outsource team consists of people in 3 different countries. :)

    You won’t start your first client giving you $10,000, it’s possible but not a great goal. You can start small, $500 (and then you outsource most of the work for much less). As you build your confidence and referral network you can start to increase your fees. Charging $500 upfront for 4 people a month isn’t bad $2000/month being very conservative. Then as things move along, you move into the monthly maintenance while you continue to add more new customers, so now your monthly income has substantially increased.

    You start charging more when you have more behind you (confidence, skills, and importantly referrals!)

    This is what Laura did and talks about in MLF, starting off with smaller amounts, heck even bartering your services to just get the ball rolling.

    There are a lot of checklists and samples to download for each of the modules.

    Thanks for commenting! Happy Holidays.

  6. Kevin says:

    One other comment Rainer, they offer a 60-day refund. No questions asked, and it’s easy to get back. So you could give it an honest look over the next month or two and see whether you think it’s worth it.

    I do, but you will be your best judge. :-)

  7. rainer says:

    Thanks Kevin

    I ask for two reasons.

    1) It does not make sense to me to buy it if i have to spend tons of time, just to get a refund, makes not a lot of sense IMHO.

    2) I hear that the mentoring is only on phone calls to the USA and this can be costly, if I don’t get it done!

    3) still I have a feeling mobile is what the futures is all about ( despite I do not even have a cellular..haha)


  8. Kevin says:

    Hey Rainer,

    Completely agree with you on the time commitment. Let me ask you this then, what is it you would like to do, what is your goal that you’re going after that lead you to considering Mobile Local Fusion?

    As for the coaching calls, I’m not sure how they’re going to work, but I’d lean towards it being done online and not just through a regular call. You could use Skype (which is what I do) to make really cheap calls if that were the cast, or they may use gotowebinar, not sure as they haven’t really stated exactly).


  9. Gino says:

    Keven, thanks for providing a great review of Mobile Local Fusion. I have just purchased through your link but am not sure how to submit my receipt to access the bonus you provide. I have sent a ticket to what I assume is your support desk and will be waiting to hear back from them. i was wondering if there was an email address I could forward my paypal receipt to, to speed up the process. Thanks you in advance,
    Gino Graziano

  10. rainer says:


    I was wondering if this would be for me and if i can handle this without being a marketing guru.
    I see some great potential in MOBILE and would like to participate.
    At the same time I have the feeling if one does not have
    education in online marketing already, one would fail because this is the nature off this biz in 95%!


  11. rainer says:


    one more Q:

    do I need a smart phone to do this business?

    Because I am the one person on this planet
    does not even have a cell phone, read that 5 billion do


  12. Kevin says:

    Hey Gino, I was your ticket and replied through my support desk, you should have received Local Video Method access now.


  13. Kevin says:

    Hey Rainer,

    No you don’t need to be a marketing guru or have a marketing education. Most people online don’t have any marketing education. This course is aimed at a beginner, covering off basics and fundamentals in order to speak and perform to help local businesses get more customers.

    What exactly you can offer them, and why. How to seek out new clients and what to say to them and how much to charge them. What you can offer them in terms of your services and how to have it done, etc.


  14. Kevin says:

    It would certainly help, but since you don’t actually do any of the work using your phone, having one wouldn’t be a necessity at all.


  15. rushi says:

    iam from india. this system works for me , even if i want to do work with usa clients, and their training provide the details of getting clients and to work with them, pls answer me.

  16. Kevin says:

    I Rushi,

    I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. Let me try and rephrase it, you want to know if this system will work for you living in India, and allow you to work with USA clients?


  17. Mutiara says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for writing this very insightful review! Yours is by far the one that gave the most details of MLF course! So, thanks again. By the way, I’ve scanned the QR code on this post and it took me to the wiki website that explains in details what a QR code is? :) Is this correct? I still don’t get how this can be so powerful in the context of mobile local marketing? Can you please explain?


  18. Kevin says:

    Hey Mutiara, I’m glad you found it useful.

    Yah that is what is suppose to happen. I picked the URL and when you scan it, the application that scanned it likely automatically opened the page.

    Placing these where they could be easily scanned by a customer with their phone allows you to send them to specific pages, or use specific links (long ones, with tracking, specific to maybe where they saw the QR code etc). Without it, you can’t really put in some long winded url for them to actually type in, they won’t (especially on their phone). It’s not something you’d use online much, these you’ll see more printed and you have your phone in your hand to scan the code.

    They can also trigger calling a specific phone number, sending an sms message, you name it. You can represent anything with a QR code really.

  19. Kevin says:

    Kevin- I went to order it yesterday and the site crashed and did not complete the order. Now I see its closed. Any suggestions on getting a copy (I signed up for their waiting list)?

  20. Kevin says:

    I’d give it a few days. I don’t know them personally, but if they follow like any other launch with a closing date, they’ll open it up again for a few short days. Sometimes that’s part of their sales tactic, other times they get a bunch of returns just after people have buyers regret and then open it up to more people to fill those spots.

    That’s about your only option at the moment, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get an email over the next week, maybe two about an opportunity to buy it again for a limited time.


  21. Tom says:

    I would like to purchse the series but am skeptical that there is NO contact info on how to get in touch with them to ask questions prior to the purchase. I had sent an email asked to have someone contact me and did not hear back?? As the site is currently closed I will try back in a few days and see what their offer is at that time. Bottom line is this a legit opportunity if you want to put some time and effort into it??

  22. Kevin says:

    Hi Tom,

    Ryan Deiss and MLF is very much legit. This program itself is too, and I only say that because I paid for it to look through it myself. His company has a support desk located here if you want to ask any questions directly.


  23. Tom says:

    How do u know if someone else has purchsed this module in your market? I’m concerned that they might saturate a market and then it useless.

  24. Kevin says:

    Hey Tom,

    You have no way of knowing but it really does not matter. It’s impossible to saturate a market this big. Literally every locality in the 1st world is a potential market. Take a small town for example with maybe 1000 local businesses. Even if 10 of you had this very same course you’d likely never step on each others toes (and that’s if you JUST Stuck to your local 5 mile radius market).

    That’s why all the offline consulting is such a popular market, it’s got very little competition because it’s sheer size. Every locality is a separate market with tons and tons of businesses who need help.

    I do this stuff in my home town and other people like me are the LEAST of my worries.



  25. Nat Green says:

    Great review Kevin. I got MLF as a bonus from Ryan’s perpetual Traffic Formula and was familiar with Laura as she was one of the coaches for that course as well. She has really over delivered as far as content and for after sales follow up. Her weekly Q & A calls go for 3+ hours. You get all that for $97? Money well spent in my mind.
    Especially is someone buys form you and gets your LVM course as well. You’d have to be silly not to take that offer up.

  26. Kevin says:

    Thanks Nat! I believe they’ve over delivered on it as well, which was one of the reasons I went ahead and took the time to purchase/review and promote it!

  27. James says:

    Hey Kevin. Thanks for the insightful and honest review.
    I’m just a little concerned that this program won’t work for me since I live in a small town of 5,000 people and the businesses are struggling to stay afloat. I currently can’t afford a car which makes access to the much higher population about 15 miles away less accessible.

    Do you think the system could still work for me? I suppose I could start a joint venture with some friends that live over the mountain. But I’m still concerned about the start-up investment involved since I can barely afford the system (as reasonable as it is!). Do you have at least a rough figure as to how much the start-up capital comes out to?

  28. James says:

    Oh, one more question. Could you tell me if clients in the healthcare/alternative health fields are on the “black list” of clients you shouldn’t take?
    Thanks, again, for your time.

  29. Kevin says:

    Hi James,

    I don’t have a blacklist of clients, more so I try to stay away from ones that have a lower transaction value (eg. they make $50 off a customer vs maybe $2500). Healthcare and alternative health fields I’m sure many could be very lucrative, people have money to spend and they’ll spend a little or a lot!

  30. Kevin says:

    5000 people is a tough one. The businesses are having trouble staying afloat? All of them or only some of them? Why are others succeeding and some failing?

    You can help those people 15 miles away, you can help anyway from anywhere really. You may have to meet with them once, maybe twice but that’s about it. You do the work from home, outsource it, it’s all done electronically so your lack of mobility isn’t a big deal. For those times you need to make the trek, I’m sure you could figure a way out.

    Start-up capital isn’t much in this industry. I have my laptop, and internet connection as my costs and then services that I use (which I then charge to a customer at a higher price). What sort of expenses were you thinking you’ll have up front?

  31. James says:

    Thanks Kevin, your comments relieved a lot of concerns. I didn’t have any particular figure in mind when I inquired about the start-up investment. I was just making sure it was doable to borrow if necessary.
    One more thing: I’m assuming that I am going to need to clear my cookies before I purchase LocalMobile in order for you to make the commission (since I’ve stumbled upon it before), so if that’s the case you may want to make that clear in your main post’s body. I’d feel horrible if you provided a bonus worth $97 if you received NO commission, especially considering you’re only receiving 50-75% of that. Quite noble indeed!

  32. James says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for the speedy and helpful response. I need to apologize for wasting your time in asking my previous questions since I just re-read through all the comments on this page and realized you had answered them already…multiple times! =[
    Anyway, one more question that I have (that I’m fairly confident you haven’t already addressed) is that of life span of this method. One of the promotional points/call-to-action on the landing page is needing to take action now before this information is common knowledge. That makes me wonder: How long are we going to be able to profit from this by either attracting new, or maintaining old, clients?
    One last comment: Given how incredibly generous you’re being in providing a bonus of comparable cost to the original product, I was wondering whether or not you intentionally omitted the instructions to delete web cookies before purchasing (out of pure good-will) or for some other reason. I would hate for you to not get at least something from the effort you put into writing this helpful review page and enticing/complementary bonus.
    Thanks for everything, again.

  33. Rod Palaganas says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I have read about the MLF in another website, but I was skeptical about it. With your review and statement that it is legit, I am now more convinced. However, would you know if I can use it here in the Philippines?

    Many thanks.

  34. Kevin says:

    Hi Rod,

    Apologies for the late reply, I never got any notifications of comments (will check that out). In terms of MLF working in the Philippines, I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Ideally the point of it is people searching for local businesses using their mobile device (and sometimes their computer using Google). I would imagine there is even more of a wireless penetration there than there is in North America, which would mean more people.

    For example if I search for computer repair manila, on PH Google, I see some Google places listings come up. Plenty of people with mobiles there I’m sure.

  35. Kevin says:

    Hey James,

    My apologies for the tardy response, I haven’t been receiving comment notifications for some reason.

    So that little comment about “common knowledge” is simply marketing speak instilling fear. :) The general populous and business don’t adopt that fast. It’ll be another 10 years before some businesses really worry about online like they should (by then the land scape will change somewhat anyway).

    There are just literally way too many businesses you could help in your area alone, and no not everyone is doing it. How many people do you know work 9-5 and think making money online is a joke? I know hundreds and they’ll always think that way. If you’re doing this believe me, competition for your services won’t be a problem for a long time to come.

    Thanks for the note about the cookies, will have to remember that for next time. :)

  36. Annie says:

    Hello Kevin,
    I was reading about MLF on another website and your review is word for word identical to the review on that site, except for the last paragraph where you offer your Local Video Method. The author of the other review is Randy Schrum. Here’s the link:
    I’m a little confused about seeing Randy Scrum’s review on your site. Can you clarify for me why an identical review is being claimed by two different people? I must admit, it’s causing me to question the credibility of both “reviewers” of MLF.

  37. Kevin says:

    Hi Annie,

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I can with 100% honesty, tell you that is MY review and Mr. Randy Schrum just copied mine. If you check the date of his posting (January 11), you’ll see mine has been up long before January 11. The first comment from my original post dates back to December 22nd.

  38. Annie says:

    Thank you Kevin for the response. Dates are definitely useful! I should have checked that, but I appreciate that you pointed me in that direction. Interesting why Randy Schrum copied your review. I had read his website first because his link was listed above yours upon my Google search about MLP, hence my assumption (incorrectly) that “his” review was written “first”. Thank you for straightening me out.

    Now my decisions rests with whether or not I feel called to pursue MLP. I appreciate your review and comments to other site visitors.

    Good thoughts – Annie

  39. Kevin says:

    I’m curious myself and have started by asking him privately why he’d just blatantly do that, which is lie and that leads into not giving credit.

    Out of curiosity Annie, what did you type in to Google search?


  40. Annie says:

    I simply Google searched “Mobile Local Fusion review”. I just did it again and now your website is listed at the top…. Randy Schrum’s was four or five down… Yeah, if I recall correctly, Randy Schrum used his name as the byline for the review. But please correct me if I’m wrong, once you look into it.

  41. Kevin says:

    He most certainly did, there is no mention that it was not his review, just a blatant copy without credit.

    Oh well, again thanks for pointing it out, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

  42. Donna says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for the excellent review. I was laid off two yrs ago and am still unemployed. I am looking for a way to take control of my income and be free of all this. Mobile Fusion looks like the real deal especially since you have stated in other comments that having on-line marketing experience is not required.

    Can you tell me if having a laptop is a necessity? I have a PC but am not portable. Could the powerpoint presentation be loaded onto a flash drive? Also,as one gentleman stated, I don’t have any type of cell phone at the moment. My goal would be to put income from the first 1 or 2 clients into upgrading my business equipment. Does this seem feasible?

    And can you tell if providing website content for a client’s website is something that can be outsourced or would I have ot be creating this. Creating content is not something I think I can do.

    Any helpful thoughts and information you can provide, is greatly appreciated.

    And would I just use the link above to order through you?

    Thank you,


  43. Kevin says:

    Hey Donna!

    They really walk you through from start to finish, and when you’re helping these local businesses, they’re so far behind, even doing some small easy things makes a huge impact, so you don’t have to be a seasoned vet in order to make a difference. (naturally you’ll get better with more clients).

    You don’t need a laptop at all, just a computer. I’ve often taken my laptop with me to see clients and never used it. When I do, I didn’t really NEED to. If you need to show them something, you can bring it along on a USB stick, or have them pull it up on their computer. That’s happened a lot since my laptop didn’t have an internet connection in their office, easier to use theirs.

    You definitely do NOT need a phone, you’ll never do work on the phone itself. If you need to check something on a phone, you can ask anyone to verify something for you (friends/family etc.).

    Content for their website? Absolutely not! You can outsource having articles written very VERY easily.

    If you’d like to order it through my link, I offer my ‘Local Video Method’ as a free bonus. Just order through the link above near the blue arrow and afterwards you can submit your invoice and I can set you up with LVM too.

    Best of luck to you.


  44. Donna says:


    Thanks for thr quick response. I do want to order the program. However, I noticed on one of the comments a mention of a “cookie” and making sure you get the commission. I know that back in Dec. when this was first offered, I received it from another person’s e-mail. And I may have looked on another site trying to find it again. However, you are the only one who has offered any real information beyond the video presentation. I feel you should be credited with the sale.

    Long story short—- How do I assure that this will go to you?



  45. Kevin says:

    Hey Donny,

    Well thank you for taking the time to do this. What they’re referring to is browser cookies. So if you’re using Internet Explorer for example, you can clear your cookies, then you’re assured you receive new ones.

    If it’s a bit too complicated, just go with using the link. I should in normal circumstances give you a new cookie (overwrite the existing one) which would credit my link with your purchase.

    No need to make it too complicated, rather see you get moving and take action then worry about whether I get credited or not. :)


  46. Donna says:


    Thank you. I think I was able to delete the old cookie. Not 100% sure but we will see. Is there a way to get directly to the order page without having to go through the 40 minute video presentation again? There doesn’t seem to be a way to simply “cut to the chase”!



  47. Kevin says:

    Hahaha, I hate when people do that, Ryan is notorious for doing that.

    If you start watching the video, move your mouse around, I think towards the top of your browser (as if you were going to click a back button or something). You’ll get a pop-up which will give you a link to the shopping cart. At least I get a pop-up on my computer when I do it.

    Watch this video to see what happens when I move my mouse to the top of the browser.

  48. Donna says:


    Thanks, it worked like a charm and I even got the free postcard! I have watched the Getting Started Video and am very excited about the possibilities.

    I sent my receipt in for the LVM bonus, if indeed, the sale is credited to you. I hope so. You have been a great help.

    Many thanks,


  49. Lawrie says:

    Hi Kevin

    I finally think I’m ready to take the plunge and get into offline marketing. Here in New Zealand, the new tax year starts on the 1st April and it seems like a great time to start.

    Is your offer of buy Mobile Fusion, get LMV free still available? It seems like a couple of months since someone posted something on this page. I have heard people elsewhere stating that MLF was closed to new buyers for now. However when I looked at their website, it appeared to be poised ready to accept my credit card! If your deal is still available, do I still use the link above to buy it?

    Thanks for your time


  50. Kevin says:

    Hey Lawrie, I responded to the e-mail you sent me, let me know if you have any more questions. Mobile Local Fusion is still available and I’m still offering this bonus. Be sure to clear your cookies & cache before clicking on the links above.


  51. Kim says:

    Hi Kevin.. Just downloaded your short report on First 10K online and was impressed. I stumbled onto this blog recently because suddenly Mobile Local Fusion was back on my radar. I wasn’t interested during the launch, but I’m now focusing on local businesses, so it caught my attention and I went looking for a review. Yours was refreshing.

    Just checking to see if now here in June, your aff link is still good and your bonus still available.

    Thanks and best wishes in your work.


  52. Kevin says:

    Hi Kim,

    Absolutely, just make sure you clear your cookies before you click on the link

    Then submit your bonus request to Support Desk


  53. Simon says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have one question – Can I get clients for example from USA if I live in Cyprus? Or I have to find business only from Cyprus?

    Should I get clients only around me, where I live, or I can live in Cyprus and get clients from USA, Germany, etc…

    You got my point….. :) ))
    Thanks Kevin

  54. Kevin says:

    Hey Simon,

    You can definitely get clients from out of your locality. I know Laura has several in the UK yet she lives in Florida! It will definitely be a bit easier to get a ‘local’ client as you’ll be able to meet with them. They tend to like that ‘tangible’ connection compared to simply phone calls or Skype but it’s definitely possible.

    When you market yourself and what you do, it doesn’t really matter where you’re located, if you can get them results, that’s all they care about.


  55. Simon says:

    Thanks Kevin :)

  56. Michael says:


    I am very interested in buying the mobile local fusion, especially with the LVM bonus you’ve thrown in.

    Can i still order today and get the bonus?

    thanks a bunch

  57. Kevin says:

    Absolutely! Just purchase through the this link ( and forward your receipt to the support desk at You’ll be setup with full access.

  58. Michael says:

    super – thanks Kevin

  59. Shae says:

    Hi Kevin. Sounds like a great product esp with your bonus. Local biz marketing is in my plans for 2012 because right now I am focused on other business models. So if I were to purchase Mobile Fusion now is it likely to be upgraded in future and if so do we automatically get the upgrades? I def see the value in this product but I don’t want to purchase anything that may become out of date very quickly esp with changing technologies. Thanks. Shae

  60. Kevin says:

    Updates in the future are definitely included in both Mobile Local Fusion and Local Video Method.

    I originally got MLF 7 months ago and a this new updated content is included as it will be in the future.

  61. Mike says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I don’t know when the last post was, but today is July 4,2011 here in the USA. I read the Terms and Conditions on the Mobile Local Fusion, and it states you have 30 days to claim a Refund, if you are not Satisfied.

    I did read further up in the comments, that you stated you have 60 days, if you are not satisfied with the Program. I not looking for a way out, but just makes me feel better, if for some reason I decide this isn’t for me.

    Please let me know is it 30 days, or 60 days if I do decide this isn’t for me to get a Refund.



  62. Kevin says:

    Hey Mike,

    Whatever you read on is official and correct. Maybe they changed it from the original launch from 60-30. At any rate, if it says 30-days on their website, then it’s 30-days. Those comments are from several months ago during the initial launch.


  63. Michael says:

    Do i get the coaching with Laura? i sales copy video is a few months old so not sure if the coaching call is still on to do Q&A

  64. Kevin says:

    Hey Michael,

    I’m not sure about that, but what I am sure of is that video is not a couple months old. That video has been updated for this launch so the information in it is accurate to date.


  65. Carlos says:

    Hi Kevin, did they just doubled their price for the MLF current product? I tried to purchase it some weeks ago when the price was $97 but their system didn’t work and i wasn’t able to buy it. And now do I have to pay twice as much for it? As I can see, now they charge 2x$97.
    Is that correct?

    Thanks (i was really looking forward to that product, and with your bonus even more, but at $194 i’ll have to think it twice…or three times)

  66. admin says:

    Hey Carlos,

    Yes they have doubled the price from the original launch unfortunately. It’s all updated and there is also quite a bit more information too compared to the original launch.


  67. Jim says:

    Hi Kevin,
    1) Other Local courses I have seen or bought are very light on explaining exactly what to do for your clients. they mainly focus on GETTING clients (which I know is super important). I just don’t want to get a client and then not know how to help them. Will all this be covered?
    2) With Local Video Method, it sounds like a great concept, I had heard you on a webinar recently, and liked that you openly admit that you don’t like selling, so this sounds great. But… do I need to be a tech guy to follow your course, or do you break it down for pretty much anybody? Also, what programs do I need to implement your course (i.e. photoshop, Camtasia, etc.)?
    Thanks Kevin,
    As soon as I hear back from you I’ll probably order.

  68. Kevin says:

    Hey Jim.

    Laura actually goes through a lot about what you actually do for your Clients, from Google Places to mobile. It’s a very well rounded program and really isn’t shy on any one area.

    As for LVM. You will need a screen recorder like camtasia or screenflow depending on your platform. I hav everything over the shoulder style so I think even a non techy should be able to replicate what they’re watching.


  69. Don P says:


    Spot on with the review. I joined LMF a few months ago and your review is if anything conservative. I know how hard it is to write a review and not sound like your selling the product in the review. Like I said your review is conservative, there is so much information in the course you didn’t mention. What I get a lot out of is the coaching calls. I’ve listened to most of them more than once. The coaching calls with Laura and her guest go on for hours and they are all archived. There are 16 total calls with tips and advice and Laura shares all her personal experience. The guests she has on the call are all involved in some aspect with Local Marketing. You come away with your head spinning with ideas.

    It’s really a great course; I’m just sorry I bought it…

    With what I know now I wish I would have waited in order to get your local Video Method offer. I’ve been waiting and hoping that you would discount it or something and here you are offering it as a bonus.

    “Local Video Method” will be a perfect complement for the Local Mobile Fusion course. The one thing you have to have in local marketing is a way to get customers. Local video Method is the missing link. I’ve looked at a lot of different methods and come to the conclusion that yours is the best. I’ve watched your free analysis video and it’s brilliant.

    I guess I’m going to have to break down and buy the Video Method. With you giving it away you’re adding to my competition in a big, big way.

  70. Kevin says:

    Hey Don,

    Thanks for that great comment, appreciate you taking the time to write that.


  71. Rachelle says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I know a little about online marketing. What I’d like you to tell me is what services exactly are we offering our local businesses. I get it about getting them on Google places. But page one of organic Google searches? Does this mean we are offering them website assistance and specifically writing articles for their business website?
    What exactly are the things we are outsourcing to the Philippines?

    My main question is – is this something we could do ourselves in it’s entirety for our business owners?

  72. Rachelle says:

    -forgot to check notify me of followup comments.

  73. Troy says:

    Is it possible to do this correctly on top of a full-time day job?

  74. Rachelle says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I’m a little surprised that you haven’t gotten back to us…

  75. Jim says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I bought Mobile Local Fusion through your link on 7/11.

    I emailed you and also went through your support desk with an attached copy of the receipt on 7/13.

    I hope you can find time to send me LVM. If you need anything else let me know.

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Jim Gollner

  76. Kevin says:

    Hi Rachelle, my apologies for late reply. I’ve been away on holidays and my ‘connection’ I thought I would have was little to non-existant.

    You could very much do it all yourself, but that wouldn’t be very leveraged. You can offer Google Places, Web Design, Social Media Management, SEO, Article Writing. All of these you can find a reliable company to fulfill the actual work or you do it yourself. Getting someone else to do the work means you can take a cut and move on to getting more clients. You can only do so much of the technical work so you’ll be limited, but if you pay another company/person to do the actual work, you can focus on selling the services over and over again.

  77. Kevin says:

    Absolutely, You can help 1 business or 10 and do as little work (ie. pay others to help you) or alot of the work (do it yourself).

    The beauty of it all is there is no constraints except your own time. You can easily help out a couple local businesses in your spare time and make some decent side income.

  78. Kevin says:

    Hi Jim,

    I went through a pile of support stuff this morning (returned from Vacation last night). Please let me know if you still have any issues and I’ll take care of it ASAP.

  79. Jim says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Still have not received my copy of LVM by ordering through your link.

    I’ve tried your support desk (twice) and emailing you, and using these comments.

    I’m still waiting. It’s 3 weeks now.



  80. Paul says:

    Hi, just watched the LVM vid. Is this offer still open?

  81. Kevin says:

    Hey Paul,

    Yes it is!

  82. Kevin says:

    Hey Jim,

    My sincere apologies. I’m trying to search through for tickets from Jim or and I can’t find any.

    Regardless of whether there is a ticket somewhere or not, I’ve gone ahead and added you to LVM.

    Again, sorry for the delay.

  83. gju says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I recently purchased MLF course and am still going through it. I didn’t realize the offer also included your training as an added incentive but I’m excited about it and cant wait to try it. Not sure how to get access to it now though…Could you please guide me?

  84. Chris says:


    I purchased MLF a while back through your link and sent an email asking how to get access to Local Video Method. I did not get a response and am just following up for more info.


  85. Kevin says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve tried to search for your email address in my support desk and can’t find anything. Do you have a ticket number I could reference? If not, could you forward your receipt to and I’ll make sure it’s taken care of!


  86. Chris says:

    Thanks for the fast response, Kevin.

    I sent my receipt in.


  87. Neil says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Was looking for MLF reviews when I came across your excellent site.

    I’m very interested in the course but is the content suitable to use anywhere in the world with Google Places? I’m UK based, so concerned whether certain bits of the course would only be relevant to the US market?

    Kind Regards

  88. Kevin says:

    Hey Neil,

    It’s very relevant to the UK. In fact Laura (the author) has several clients in the UK and she’s Florida based.

  89. Neil says:

    Thanks Kevin. I feel a bit more confident about ordering the course now

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  91. Clayton Anderson says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I just watched the video on MLF and considering signing up but I don’t know if will have problems finding clients in my unusual situation. I’m living and working in Taiwan but I only speak English. Will I have problems finding clients when there will be an obvious language barrier and maybe they will want everything done in Mandarin?

  92. Kevin says:

    It’s very possible. I don’t know the market well enough in Taiwan. But if I were in that situation, I would find someone who could help you with any translation issues. You could be in a unique position to help out those that DO need English.

  93. Clayton Anderson says:

    Thanks for your reply. There may be a possibility that I’ll be moving to Japan. Is it possible to get more information in regards to the emerging opportunities I saw mentioned about Japan?


  94. Aerox says:

    Mobile local fusion would help in order to keep up the updated business on finger tips. Thank you for updating the post.

  95. Christine says:

    Hi Kevin, I have just purchased Mobile Local Fusion through this website. Can you give me the support email address to send the receipt for the bonus offer: Local Video Method. Many thanks. Christine

  96. I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. Thanks for sharing :D

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